Oct 17, 2007

Assertive Me

Well, I've done it! I have begun my new assertive life. So why do I feel so guilty? 8.30am and my door knocks. Who the hell is knocking this early. My dogs are going crazy.

Gizmo has stamped all over my head, not to mention pissed on me (well, he's just a puppy) and Dolly is bounding round the room with last nights toast stuck to her fur.The Gas man. 'Mornin' Love', like I'd be his love! Fat, bald and strange odour don't quite do it for me. Alarm bell ring. sirens screech and I feel slightly sick. The house looks likes a whirl wind has just been through it and the dogs are still going crazy. 'I'm dead sorry, could you come back tomorrow (you know, like when I've tidied my house and bleached the bog!) I'm not very well'. 'Sorry Love, it wont take me more than half an hour' my god, he was almost singing. Here's the good bit. 'look I'm not your love and you will have to come back later'. I slammed the door. Phew, that wasn't too bad. 11.25 am. Door knocks. 'morning love'. Mr gas man, again. This time I let him in. I stamped around the kitchen while the dogs made it loudly known that they weren't happy being put in the garden. Mr gas man was still as cheerful as ever (made me want to strangle him). His phone rang or should that be his phone cried, like a baby. 'It's me ring tone love', ah bless him. My heart melted! Dear Mr Gas Man must of been nearly sixty.'The gran' kids' he said referring to the ring tone laughing. Now I feel like a total cow! This lovely cheerful man was only trying to do his job and even after I had ripped his head off earlier he still had a lovely cheerful manner. This saying what I think lark, isn't going to be as easy as I thought.

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