Oct 19, 2007

Digital Scrapbooking - scrap

I had a lovely idea. I was going to make some really nice digital scrapbooks. I have seen them all over the web. How hard could they be.

I read umpteen articles and downloaded loads of freebies to get me started. God, my kids would be so proud of me! Then I opened my Photoshop program. That's when it all went wrong. Photoshop was no good, way to hard. I downloaded Ulead, seemed simple enough. I opened it, then closed it. I could make cards or
calenders but not scrapbooks. Went to the usual download sites, downloaded three more programs. Hooray! I made my first background. A little pastel green gingham check. Ah if it turned out OK I could make lots of baby collections for our impending new arrival. Add a few frames and tags, er, hello, whats going on. Nothing would stick to each other. 7 hours later and I have given up. If any one knows an idiots guide for digital scrap booking Please let me know. ASAP.

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